Sophie Bechetoille, PROFESSIONAL coach

My abilty to reveal hidden talents and projects comes from my experience of life, the knowledge I have of myself and my assets, meetings of the mind, opportunities and experiences.

After a youth partly in the US and language studies, a 10 year professional experience in an advertising consulting group in Paris,I decided to be a full time mother. After my daughters had grown up, I felt the need to look for a new meaningful professional project that would enable me to have a balanced life.

I found it very frightening and difficult to face a transition, to have to face my fears, to fight against my own limiting beliefs, to have to make the first step, to lack self confidence….I then dug deep into my assets, my dreams, my talents and I started to transpose the skills I had developed in various experiences (professional or personal) into a new activity.

Through an encounter, I discovered the interest of professional human training and coaching. I took part in the development of Zup de Co (individual tutoring between students and disadvantaged young scholars) and played a role of national coordinator and team manager.

I took part in the creation of Kawaa, social and united enterprise in the area of the re-creation of the social link, I took a degree in Professional Coaching.I am also certified to Enneagram. I had the opportunity to experience the power of groups and the purpose of ‘working together’.

Today, my practice is based on the importance of self awareness and enables me to coach individuals and teams. I truly believe (for having it done myself) that awarding some time to take a step aside gives a new dynamic whether it be for its individual career paths, personal plans or teams.

I use some different tools and theories I tested (questioning, enneagram, skill assessments, positive psychology, agility) to conduct my coachings and create and coordinate collective intelligence workshops (team building, co-development, creativity), collective workshops on different themes such as soft skills.



  •  Ennea Gramma in greek means a 9 item figure
  • The enneagram is a personality system that presents a useful template or map for understanding ourselves, the important people in our life, and the groups we work with. It describes nine ways of processing and responding to the world– a full spectrum of personality styles. We view the world through lenses which either bring great clarity or various degrees of distortion to our vision. The Enneagram enables us to look at our lenses instead of just looking through them and free unexplored ressources.
  • Identifying ones type gives indication on adaptation strategies we all choose, enables us to free ourselves from them and to find unexplored strengths.
  • Enneagram is practical because it applies to everyday situations, attitudes and behaviours.
compétences relationnelles et ennéagramme : les 9 profils de personnalité


Ikigai is a Japanese approach that literally means purpose  or  reason for being. It corresponds to a way of life of inhabitants of the blue zones in the world (areas in which life reaches more than a hundred years old) and especially in Okinawa Island in Japan.  A part from a healthy life (food, outdoor life, exercise and social interactions), the  centenarians have an activity that had so much purpose that they know why they would get  up each morning. 
Finding your ikigai is finding the intersection between your mission, your profession, your  vocation and your passion, by examining what you like to do, what you are good at, what the  world needs and what you can be paid for.